Build brick by brick

I love Lego. Taking the bricks and building crazy things with Lego bricks. It is incredible what people can build with these bricks and what can be built from them.

There’s a show we watch as a family called Lego Masters that make our creation look like child’s creation. And the base block they use is the same thing we have on in our toy box. Wow! So that means that in my home, we have the same potential to create the same kind of amazing creations on the show. Take heed, as writers, we work with the same building blocks as the writers on NY times best seller lists. We have the same potential.

Anyway, back to Lego. So our stories need to be built upon very much like Lego, letter upon letter, word upon word, etc. and our stories need to build upon ideas. Clues need to be dropped along the way to make readers wonder what’s the point of that thing. How are we building upon what we’ve established so far?

These things make a good story. Items that will be used in key parts of the story need to dropped into the scene. They don’t just appear when the hero needs it. Circumstances need to guid the people where they need to go. Things do not just happen ‘just because’. It is all a set up. As storytellers, we need to set our hero up, set them up to succeed. And that requires us to build the story up, but by bit by bit, one brick at a time.

Just as God makes the grain grow in stages (see Mark 4:28), we need to be sure our stories are built one part at a time.

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