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I recently had a terrible day when everything felt down and depressing. There was nothing wrong with the world around me. I just felt down, like nothing mattered. The sun was shining, but it couldn’t pierce the darkness that settled upon my soul.

I don’t know why, but I was drawn to read Ecclesiastes, where nothing seemed to matter. I had always struggled with that book because it always seemed so downright depressing, where everything seems to be “meaningless”.

But who would have thunk it, I saw many injustice described in Ecclesiastes that are around in our society, and it felt good just knowing that we’re not the only society seeing this happening. You hear that? We’re not alone. And that these things are meaningless. Don’t sweat it. There’s more important stuff to think about and more interesting things to do than worry and be depressed about.

What’s important here as a writer is this. It connected with me. It spoke to me. It encouraged me and lifted my spirit. I felt refreshed and ready to take on the world after reading Ecclesiastes. And our writing should speak. It should help others connect to the world around them. Tell them ‘yes, we’ve felt that way before’, ‘you’re not alone’, or others have gone this way before because, who knows who will pick up your book and need a quick pick me up one day.

So, when you’re writing, remember to try connecting with your readers. And do try reading the various books of the Bible when you’re I certain moods. I think my next moody read should be the Song of Songs…

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