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One of my fondest memories growing up was the cartoons. And the favourite for a long time was “He-man: Masters of the Universe”. My brother and I had the action figures and even the castle, Castle Grayskull.

The show had a sister (literally) series called “She-Ra: Princess of Power”. As a boy growing up without sisters, that show wasn’t high on the family’s watch list. But now as an adult, imagine my surprise when I saw on Netflix, an updated series on She-Ra. She’s no He-Man, but because of the relationship between the two series, I felt drawn to it.

All in all, it was not a bad series, but the ending left a bad taste. The ending revealed a relationship between two characters. These two grew up together but ended up fighting for opposing sides for most of the series.

Why did that leave a bad taste you may ask. Simple. It felt forced and didn’t belong. It was the show forcing a political statement on viewers. The relationship spoilt what would have been a great series storyline. Storytellers are like florists. Florists take different flowers and foliage and making a beautiful bouquet. A storyteller brings together different bits and pieces to form a story. And the relationship was like having a prickly cactus in a bouquet of roses.

What happened along their journey wasn’t and could never be romantic love. Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Ever wonder why siblings don’t get involved sexually with each other when they grow up together? Explanations about why siblings don’t breed include:

  1. Siblings tend to fight while growing up, and that makes them unattractive to one another.
  2. Siblings get so used to each other while growing up that they’re unattractive to each other.
  3. Westermarck effect.

Whatever the reason, siblings do not end up in a romantic relationships. Add to that, frequent fighting drives people apart. Couples who fight often and intensely as the two characters end up separating. In other words, the chances of the two characters ending up romantically involved is slim to none.

Whoever decided to have that relationship doesn’t understand what love actually is. Weird Al‘s If that isn’t love must be that person’s theme song. Writers need to understand of what they’re writing about. Stories falls apart when written without that understanding. And that’s what happened here with She-Ra. If you want a good movie that deals with love, watch My Best Friend’s wedding staring Julia Roberts. I won’t reveal too much as some readers may not have seen the film, and may wish to watch it for themselves. But Julia Robert’s character’s decision shows love.

As a writer, I have to understand the topic. If I fail to do so, people will pick my stories to pieces and I loose any credibility I have. So, be sure to have some understanding of your topic before you start writing.

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