Make it last

So for the past few weeks, I have been talking about the Generosity Gospel. If you’re scratching your head, wondering what is the Generosity Gospel, go look at my past few posts.

I hope that in the last few posts, you noticed that I broke the big topic into many smaller items and stretched it out. Like all good things, we want to make them last. And a good, challenging topic is no different.

God, in the Bible talks about many different topics, but He doesn’t lay it all out in one go. He stretches it out and we can read about it throughout the Bible. We learn one aspect here and a few weeks or maybe even months later, we learn another.

Having the time between the different aspects allows us to process and internalise. We get to learn more when we ponder on a topic over time, much like cooking. Simmering over low heat over a long time turns tough sinew from something tough and chewy into something tender and falls apart in our mouths.

The description of God’s throne room in Revelations 4 is the most descriptive reveal of God in the Bible. It describes His surrounds and gives us an physical image to picture. But this isn’t complete. It is like a final reveal after the massive build up that starts in Genesis 1.

Just reading Revelations 4 might give us a description of God in His throne room, but it fails to tell us what God is like, His character, His attributes, etc. In a way, the description fails to fully describe His majesty, glory, holiness, and when taken without the context of all the other things we learn about God, fails miserably in describing God fully. I believe that’s why God doesn’t give us such a detailed description of Himself until the final book in the Bible.

There’s so much to Him that we need the time to process before we get a full idea of who He is. So when you write to discuss difficult topics, take your time, stretch it out a little and make it last.

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