Make sense, make history

Some people value the New Testament over the Old Testament. Some, the other way round. I personally like reading parts of the Old over the New because of their compelling stories. The epic adventures of King David, the king who was once a lowly shepherd, for example, is one of my favourites.

But that doesn’t mean I value one over the other. In fact, one is not complete without the other. The Old Testament informs the New, just as the New Testament is built on the old.

The Old Testament gives us the settings in which the New Testament was revealed to all mankind. It sets the scene, gives us context to understand the New Testament and completes the picture for us.

We learn so much from history. What happened yesterday guides us today. We learn a lot from the lessons learnt throughout history. We see the mistakes of our forefathers and a close study of the past will show how those events have shaped us and our society today.

As writers, we too need to provide context for our readers to set the scenes in their heads. They need to know what is happening, why it is happening, to have a proper context to your stories. If we took out the context, we cannot understand the the story.

So, the writing advice for this week is, help your readers make sense of the story by making up some history to put things in context for your readers.

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