Do what you know

Writing is a tough job. Learning about new subjects and putting that into a story in a way that makes sense to people who know it a lot better than I do isn’t easy.

So what’s the best way around this? Write about what you know. Put in the things you are the expert about. King David did this in the Bible. He faced the biggest challenges of his life using what he knew (1 Sam 17:39-40,  48-49).

He was given modern weapons and armour but didn’t know how to use it. But he gave them all up because he needed something he knew how to use . He needed what he was best at, not the best tools available. As most of us know, he used the a sling and a stone, tools he knew how to use well.

Other writers tend to do the same thing. Stephen King, the great writer of countless best sellers seem to have one thing in common in most stories. Stories usually include a main character who had some issues with drinking or drugs. A little history about Stephen King. He had struggles with such substances before, and had lived the experience. He therefore knows these things better than others who do not or have not had a history with alcohol or drugs.

So his characters are realistic. Their battles seem real. The fear of turning to these substances, I almost feel that same fear. He’s good, because he uses things he knows.

You can be good too. Just start with something you know and you’re off to a good start.

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