Get ready to run the race

Welcome back. I hope you’ve had a good break. I had originally intended to get back to blogging when the year began, but felt it wasn’t time. And I’m glad I listened to the still small voice. Having a well rested soul is as important as a well rested body.

Writing isn’t a physically exhausting job, but it can be mentally draining. The brain works extra hard, thinking up new ideas and putting ourselves in people’s shoes and mindsets. Would you hear a typical (if there was such a thing) 80-year-old grandmother use the words “Yeah, that’s rad.”? Didn’t think so.

And to start off the year with a refreshed body, soul and spirit is always good, especially when we’re going to be writing. Some might be wondering, “why?” Because writing a good novel isn’t an overnight task. A novel can take months to be completed, from start to finish. Some may take even longer. Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire series have waited over 10 years for the sixth book to be released, and who knows when George RR Martin will start on the seventh and last book?

Like our faith, being a race to be ran with endurance (Heb 12:1), we need to write with perseverance. The book will get there when it gets there, not before, not after. It cannot be rushed as we’ll not rest easily if it isn’t satisfactory.

So, I’m glad for the break I had, and should be ready to run this race, and finally see my first novel come fruition. Hope you are ready too.

Take a break

Christmas is just around the corner. The tree is up with tinsel, baubles, and other weird looking decorations. Oh, and there’s the star too.

It has been a long year with lockdown and the excitement of having two books published.┬áIn addition, I’ve started a new job, working on a website and trying to get my head around the organisation’s functions. It has been a tough month or so, and with everything that has happened, a break is well deserved.

Even God decided he needed a break when he took the seventh day off in the creation week (Gen 2:2-3). If God needs a break, I think I need one too. So this will be the last blog post for the year while I enjoy the break and let the mind wander. And that’s a good thing too as a writer.

When we come back refreshed, we come with fresh eyes to see what’s been missed and what can be improved upon, so take a break, enjoy yourself.

God bless and merry Christmas everyone.