Take a break

Christmas is just around the corner. The tree is up with tinsel, baubles, and other weird looking decorations. Oh, and there’s the star too.

It has been a long year with lockdown and the excitement of having two books published.┬áIn addition, I’ve started a new job, working on a website and trying to get my head around the organisation’s functions. It has been a tough month or so, and with everything that has happened, a break is well deserved.

Even God decided he needed a break when he took the seventh day off in the creation week (Gen 2:2-3). If God needs a break, I think I need one too. So this will be the last blog post for the year while I enjoy the break and let the mind wander. And that’s a good thing too as a writer.

When we come back refreshed, we come with fresh eyes to see what’s been missed and what can be improved upon, so take a break, enjoy yourself.

God bless and merry Christmas everyone.