One Book, many topics

The Word of God is incredibly written. When God wrote it, He had thought of how to keep everyone reading. As we all know, what is the point of writing the best selling book if no one wants to read it.

God knows what we are interested in, much like the character Ashley Grant from Homer Badman (The Simpsons Season 6). She knew how to handle boys and could catch Bart’s attention with a video game and made him run into a wall. Of course God won’t make us run into the wall with whatever it is that interests us. But we can be sure God has covered our favourite topic somewhere in the Bible.

And those topics, together tell the story of God’s work throughout history. His work covers everything. And they serve the added benefit of catching our attention. Here is a small list of topics in the Bible:

  • architecture and construction
  • astronomy
  • biology
  • city planning
  • dreams
  • family drama
  • future events
  • healthcare/hygiene
  • history and therefore archeology
  • human psychology and behaviour
  • interior decorating
  • law
  • miracles
  • music
  • poetry
  • politics
  • science
  • sci-fi
  • sex and relationships
  • ship building
  • storytelling
  • spies
  • ufos
  • war

Love riddles and brainteasers? Yes, you can find something too. Yup, read up on the book of the prophets or the book or Revelations. Here’s a question for you: Are you wise in seeking God’s wisdom, or does seeking God’s wisdom make you wise?

Love problem solving or investigative tasks? How about learning about ancestry? There are a lot of passages on people’s ancestry from the first book onwards.

Here is a challenge to readers. Do you think you can find a topic that isn’t covered in the Bible? Let me know through the comments.